4 of the best places to visit in Britain

Love travelling and sight seeing as much as we do? What you may not realise is just how much of this Britain has to offer you. Bus travel is the way forward. I know what you are thinking ‘A bus? No way am i travelling on a bus.’ But nowadays coach travel is luxurious and comfortable and not only that but you are likely to travel to where you are going for half the price of any other modes of transport, it is greener on the environment and the bus will drop you off at your exact destination so you will not need any transfers! So now i hear you asking where is the best places to visit in the Britain? Well we also have that covered, have a wee look at the list below and hopefully this will help you make up your mind where to go on your next bus journey.


Cornwall has to be one of the most stunning places to visit in Britain. Cornwall is the southern most county in Great Britain and has the most amazing beaches. The beaches range from white and sandy with crystal clear turquoise water, to steep-cliffed where the wild Atlantic waves crash and every kind of beach in between.  If you are looking for family friendly then we suggest that you try Sennen Cove near Land’s End; Porthcurno. If you love the water and would like to try surfing then Cornwall is the place to go. We suggest visiting Newquay as this has been rated the best place to surf. All in all Cornwall is beautiful and the beaches are amazing, what else do you need?


Around 40 million people travel to Yorkshire each year and this is because of the amazing reputation for food and drink that Yorkshire has built up. Yorkshire has more Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere else in the country. Not only will you want to try these restaurants but between meals you will have the most stunning county to explore.  There are hotels which are surrounded by lakes and beautiful countryside. Yorkshire is also very family- friendly.


We have told you of Cornwall and how its great for is beaches and being able to surf, well Devon also has this appeal and is inland. Devon also boasts good food and the great outdoors. Devon people are proud to make their food on their own doorsteps and their food is fresh and rich. Seafood, lamb, venison and pork are readily available. You are also able to get your hands on homemade cider, apple juice, cheeses and ice-cream at the county’s farmers market.

Fort William and Glencoe

Fort William is one of the most popular places in Scotland for climbers and hikers as it hosts Ben Nevis which is the largest mountain in the British Isles. Right next door to Fort William is Glencoe. Most people will choose to drive through the glen checking out the amazing sights. If you choose to walk you will come across a lost valley where you will find an historic hiding place of stolen cattle. Ensure when you visit Fort William that you find time to ride the Joacobite Steam Train from Fort William to Mallaig. The views are stunning and you will cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was in the Harry Potter films.

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