Top games to play whilst travelling

We all know that travelling can be boring at the best of times, you may find yourself falling asleep and stupidly missing your stop (don’t worry this is far more common than you think). If this is you and you want to be able to stay awake whilst travelling then we might just have what you are looking for. We have had a look at the best games/apps to download on your mobile or tablet to keep your brain stimulated (and make you feel like a big kid again) and most importantly keep you awake on long journeys so that you never miss your stop again:

Two Dots

Two Dots is addictive, fun and unique and is free to play! It is a great game to play whilst bored and it will occupy you until you run out of lives. Luckily you don’t need to pay for more lives they regenerate after a certain amount of time. You can also connect this app to your Facebook and play your friends. The downside to this game is the constant prompts to buy in-app purchases.

Pokémon Go

If you want to bring out the inner child in you then Pokémon Go is the game for you and travelling on a train or bus is the perfect place to catch some Pokemon. This app is free to download on iOs and Android. This is an augmented-reality game, loved by anyone who has ever loved Pokémon.

Do you remember snake? It was on all old Nokia’s? Well this is the most up to date version of that although you are trying to doge other players and not walls in this version. It is addictive and will keep you entertained for hours at a time and your little ones can play this if you let them

Words with Friends

If you would prefer something a little less kids game and a little more intellectual then words with friends is the app for you. It is basically scrabble on your phone or tablet. You can play this with your friends who also have the app or you can play against the computer, which i will warn you is slightly harder than playing against someone that you know.

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